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5 Statement Plants to Add Drama to any Room

We love all plants! But certain plants are more visually exciting than others; whether it’s due to their vibrant leaves or eye-catching forms, they elevate the design of a space in the same way a beautiful lamp or a piece of decor would.  We're sharing our top 5 plants to add that oomph factor to our room.

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How to style tall planters

Just got you new set of Midori Tall Planters and don’t know how to style them? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Styling a planter is a relatively easy project, but it may become challenging to pick plants that complement each other, add interest...

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Guide to watering your plants

More often than not, houseplants have died because of improper watering than any other factor. As a new plant parent, we tend to overwater everything, which might be killing your plant instead of helping it grow better.  A few general tips to keep in mind while watering all your plant babies to make it easier and effective.

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Gardening Resolutions

Are you ready to conclude the gardening challenge with some gardening resolutions today? 1. Enjoy your outdoor space more. Just 20 minutes in nature can have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing. And if you don't have much of an outdoor space, bring the outdoor in, by adding plants to your home. Everyday, take out some time for your plants. Nurture her, take responsibility for her life, watch her shrivel up on the days you forget to water her, and watch her come back to life, after regular care.

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