Our Story

Ripples Engineering Pvt Ltd, founded by Mr. Anil Raina, is a water feature design firm based out of Noida, India. With over 30 years of experience, it is one of the leading names in the water feature industry.

Inspired by her love for plants and a background in design, Ripples Home was launched in 2020 by Mr. Raina's daughter, Anisha Raina. This is her story.


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"Moving to London for my post grad was adjustment for me. Having lived in a house full of dogs, I was never alone. Being away from home and my dogs for the first time was the hardest change for me.

My mum had come to London with me to help me get settled into my new home and being a plant lover that she is, she got me a Peace Lily plant for my room before she left. Getting Leila (I named my plant) home, taking responsibility for her life, watching her shrivel up on the days I forgot to water her and subsequently coming to life a few hours after I did, made me feel less lonely in my tiny studio apartment. To my luck, Leila was not a very demanding plant. I had placed her on the window sill next to my bed, and she thrived in whatever little sunlight she got in my room. As a first time plant mom, I did good with her, as clusters of new leaves would grow from one branch and then the other, and soon Leila was a full grown plant with 3 new peace lily flowers.

After Leila, I started adding more plants to my apartment. Along with adding life to my overall minimal space, they also made me happier and more productive.With the Covid 19 outbreak, I had to abruptly leave my studies and come back to India (Don't worry, I left Leila and the others with my family in London).

I, now, had a newfound appreciation for plants. Back home in India, because of my mum, our house was always full of plants and I noticed, as much as the plants added life and vibrance to our home, the basic plain ceramic/ plastic planters stuck out like a sore thumb, and didn't go with the overall aesthetics of our home. With my newfound love for plants and a background in design (I was studying Product and Furniture Design in London) I decided to find a solution to this problem and design beautiful planters and pots that would not only look good in our outdoor spaces, but also go well with the interior aesthetics of our homes. And that's how Ripples Home was born.

I'm so happy to have you in this journey with us. Here's to building our very own green oasis soon."

-Anisha Raina, Creative Head.

Follow our journey on instagram @rippleshome or get in touch with us at hello@rippleshome.com.

Our factory address: C-119, Hosiery Complex, Phase 2 extn, Noida, UP, 201305.