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How to style tall planters

How to style tall planters

Just got you new set of Midori Tall Planters and don’t know how to style them? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Styling a planter is a relatively easy project, but it may become challenging to pick plants that complement each other, add interest, and balance to the whole planter.

When planting in a tall planter, choosing the right plants is very important. Whether you want to add a single plant or create layers using different shapes, sizes or colors of plants, we have a list for you that will help you create a masterpiece with your tall planters.


  1. Did you know you could make a room appear taller by employing long, upright lines, especially in a tiny space? You can use a tall planter with tall plants to create more space vertically, essentially making the space feel more taller and roomier. You can achieve a contemporary look by placing identical tall planters with the same type of plants next to each other.



  1. Tall planters, when paired together, can be used to create a focal point in a space. Furthermore, you can use different sizes and shapes of plants to enhance focus on a corner.



  1. You can also easily move these versatile planters from one location to another and efficiently use space due the planters being light and weather resistant. Moving tall planters from outside to inside as the weather or season changes is a dream.



  1. Use at least one trailing plant to create “excitement” if you’re planning to use more than one planter. While a taller plant (like the snake plant) draws your attention up and emphasizes the large planter, a trailing plant will help draw your attention downwards to the finer details. A trailing plant like English Ivy has a great colour and texture that will also add pop and nicely complement the other plants.



  1. When layering plants in a tall planter, picking the correct plants could become challenging. The “thriller, filler, and spiller” method is the best way to create multi-dimensional displays.

Thrillers are tall plants that provide visual interest and are the vertical factors in the planter. They shine as “the stars of the show” and seek attention constantly. Place more than just one thriller if planting in the Extra Large Tall Midori Planter (Planter 1).

Fillers, as the name suggests, are plants that provide the appearance of a filled pot while also adding mass to it. You could use flowers, like vincas, marigolds, etc, as fillers when using outdoors.

The trailing plants that dangle over the side of a container to soften its edges are known as Spillers. Various types of ivy, dichondra, or jade are a good choice.


Whether you choose a single tall planter or decide on a set, with the clean, contemporary fluted design, you can guarantee the Tall Midori Planters will always make a statement. As versatile as they are on-trend, the collection makes an attractive addition to any space, both inside and outdoors. 


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