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Guide to watering your plants

Guide to watering your plants

More often than not, houseplants have died because of improper watering than any other factor. As a new plant parent, we tend to overwater everything, which might be killing your plant instead of helping it grow better. Developing good watering habits isn't difficult, but it does require consistency and paying attention to your plants and see what they are telling you.


All plants have different watering needs but here are a few general tips to keep in mind while watering all your plant babies to make it easier and effective.


1.Never fill a pot up to the top completely with potting soil-  Always leave enough room that you can pour in some water and let the soil soak up water on its own. But also keep it mind, never let your plants sit in water. It can bring about fungal attacks and root rot.

2. If you tend to overwater your plants, bottom watering is a very effective method especially for plants whose leaves are sensitive to water. Simply place you plant in a dish filled with water and let the pot stay there for a while until you see that the top soil is wet. The plant will only soak up water that is requires. 


3. Before watering your plants, always check whether your plants really need it or not. To be sure, poke your finger in the soil and if the top two inches are dry, you know it’s time to water. Make sure you water you plants thoroughly, so water runs through the container. This helps flush out excess fertilizer and salts.


4. One easy way to remember your plant’s watering requirement is by placing similar plants next to each other. This helps you avoid accidently overwatering or underwatering your plants. For example, Keep your succulents with your succulents and your palms with other palms.

5. Consistency is key. Make sure your watering habits are consistent. If you are the forgetful kind, mark your watering days on a calendar and set a reminder to check if your plant needs watering.

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We hope you'll use these tips the next time your plants need a drink. Happy Gardening!


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