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Plant Care | Monstera Deliciosa

Plant Care | Monstera Deliciosa

Let's talk about instagram favorite - Monstera.

Monstera's are a species of tropical plants native to Central America. 

The Monstera's iconic splits in the leaves usually only occur in mature leaves, that are growing in the ideal conditions.

How To Care For a Monstera:⁠

Light | Monsteras prefer a warm, humid environment with bright to medium indirect light.

Water | Water every 1-2 weeks. They prefer soil that is slightly moist, and generally like to dry out a little bit between waterings.

Soil | Use a well-draining potting mix. A planter with drainage holes is a must as the soil needs to be well aerated. You can mix perlite in the soil to increase the aeration.

Extra tip: Monstera's prefer filtered water over tap water.⁠

According to The Sill, here are a few common problems faced by this plant.

Symptom: Leaves turning brown and crispy at the edges
Cause: Thirsty plant, under watered or high salt build up

Symptom: Wilting plant, dry potting mix 
Cause: Underwatered or pot-bound

Symptom: Yellowing leaves or black stems, wet potting mix
Cause: Overwatered.

Recommended Pots ----------------

Our Medium Midori Planter comes with drainage holes and is perfect for your Monstera. You can directly plant it in the planter.

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2. Medium Midori Planter with Base


3. Medium Midori Planter with Stand


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