At Ripples home, we believe in doing good for our community. When you shop from us, not only do you support the local artisans of India, we also sponsor a tree for every purchase you make with us.

We have collaborated with to plant Trees for Tigers™, Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal, India. Each one of our customers gets a personalised certificate, with information on where their tree was planted and how they can track its progress. 

Why Trees?
Panna Tiger Reserve is a critical tiger habitat. This land is characterized by extensive plateaus and gorges.  It is the only large chunk of wildlife habitat remaining in North Madhya Pradesh amid the otherwise deciduous fragmented forest landscape of the region. 
"In 2009, Panna lost all its tigers to systematic poaching. Eight years since their disappearance tigers have been reintroduced to this forest from the neighboring national parks at great cost. Forests are known to be reservoirs of oxygen and sinks of carbon since trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Cutting down trees in a belt of prime biodiversity would only increase the ill-effects attached to climate change."

Thus, the plantation of local tree species around villages of Panna Tiger Reserve directly impacts rural livelihoods by creating jobs in nursery and planting activities, improving fisheries, providing flowers, fruit, fodder and fuel to rural communities and wildlife, generating oxygen, reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, fighting climate change, and benefitting endemic wildlife including the endangered Tiger


Social Impact Of Planting Trees

On average, a tree offsets 20 kg of carbon and produces 118 kg of oxygen every year upon maturity.